Preserved Flower Collection

Perhaps you're looking for an alternative to traditional fresh flowers. Or something you can keep forever. How about preserved  flowers? Preserved flowers are real flowers, treated, dyed and preserved, so that their natural beauty can be kept for months or even years! These flowers look and feel real to the touch. Unlike real flowers, they won't go brown on the edges and wilt like traditional fresh flowers. We love to create pretty little things to decorate, be it your home or your wedding, or simply a gift for someone you love. Egg Creations "Preserved Flower Collection" are all hand made by our in-house florists. Every item is specially designed for different taste.


We carry some stock but most of the items are made to order.  Production normally takes around 1-10 days, depending on item.


For enquiries, please whatsapp +852 9304-7134 or email us at